The Mother’s Journey – Pre & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

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Here is a training which endeavors to equip women with knowledge and experience of herself so she naturally enters motherhood with thoughts of love, confidence and trust. Existing patterns of inadequateness are deep in women today and make her prone to exploitation, even by the medics.

The training is aimed at those who wish to empower themselves or others by providing the tools which connect them to their infinite self and the magnificent Mother Power.
The training includes Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan as well as many rituals from Nature based traditions where women assumed their rightful place as healers, teachers and leaders.

The Mother´s Journey is also aimed at those professionals who work with mothers to be, such as obstetricians, midwives and doulas. It will expand your mindset and give you confidence in relating to your clients differently.

The training is opened women over 18 years old. (only the 6th module “Education of Parents” allow men participation)

Participants can attend any module independently.

There is a minimum numbers of 9 participants to guarantee that the training takes place.
Please see the Terms and Conditions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][vc_column_inner width=”1/3″][us_image image=”16902″][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Course contents/ Workshops for Women” tab_id=”1562749661010-f0cd7298-4538″][vc_video link=”” video_title=”1″ el_id=”tmj 2019″][vc_column_text]Several topics covering the experience of motherhood and women life cycles in the Aquarian Age, offered in 6 modules to choose from.

Contents of each Module: (exclusive for women except the 6th module)
1.Conscious Conception:
Conscious relationships, sexuality, the lunar cycle, fertility, a healthy lifestyle, conception, incarnation, a mother´s prayer, the journey of the soul, pregnancy. This is the most useful module for conscious conception.
2. Yoga in Pregnancy:
Physiology of pregnancy, changes in the 3 trimesters, Kundalini Yoga kriyas, postures and alternatives, priorities, minor ailments and remedies, meditation techniques. (This is the only compulsory module and the most useful for regular KY instructors);
3. Dynamics of Labour:
Preparation, labour stages, the breath, dealing with “pain”, support, easing the birth process, mental blocks, riding the waves, medical interventions, unexpected outcomes, staying in touch, birth as initiation. (This module helps prepare pregnant parents for the birth process);
4. Post-Natal phase/ Post-Natal Doula Training:
The 40 day postnatal period, mothering the mother, challenges, feelings for the newborn, returning to the normal body, breastfeeding, seeking and accepting help, depression, Rebozo technique, which exercises and when. (This is the most critical and enchanting stage of the Journey);
5. Leadership and Liberation of Women:
Facilitating women only groups, menstrual wisdom, meditation techniques to strengthen one´s stability, handling intimacy and disclosures, our brilliant emotions. The Red Tent concept. (This is a must for any woman hoping to empower others.);
6. Raising the Parents (men participation is welcome):
Early childhood and beyond, family nutrition, respectful communication, unhealed wounds of the parents, love and affection, alternative education, stucture, discipline and playfulness, family karmas, yoga for children. (Empowerment from childhood or what not to do with children).

Participation in 5 of these 6 modules will grant you certification as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher.
The whole course comprises a total of 96 hours.
Please know the certification requirements here

Timetable: 9:30am – 1pm and 2:30pm – 6h30pm


For more info please visit: The Mother´s Journey[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Dates, places and contacts” tab_id=”1562749661034-cbad9abf-4a71″][vc_column_text]If you would like to see The Mother’s Journey offered in your local area get in touch with us 

We believe every woman should have access to these precious teachings and be empowered for “The future is Feminine” and it is waiting for you.



Quinta do Rajo, Portugal 


Zurich, Switzerland 2020 – 2021

Module 1: Conscious Conception – 24,25 October 2020- Satya Kaur
Module 2: Kundalini Yoga in Pregnancy – 28,29 November 2020- Elena O´Keeffe
Module 3: The Dynamics of Labour – 9,10 January 2021- Satya Kaur
Module 4: Postnatal Phase – 6,7 February 2021- Elena O´Keeffe
Module 5: Liberation & Leadership for Women – 13,14 March 2021- Satya Kaur
Module 6: Education of Parents – 8,9 May 2021 – Bachitar Kaur

More information and registrations:

Cologne, Germany 2020
Module 1: Conscious Conception 3-4 October 2020 (Elena O’Keeffe)
Module 2: Kundalini Yoga in Pregnancy 24-25 October 2020 (Elena O’Keeffe)
Module 3: The Dynamics of Labour 21 – 22 November 2020 (Elena O’Keeffe)
Module 4: Postnatal Period 23 – 24 January 2021 ( Satya Kaur)
Module 5: Liberation & Leadership for Women 27 – 28 February 2021 (Bachitar Kaur)
More information and registrations:

Puerto Montt, Chile 2020

Module 1: Conscious Conception – 28, 29 March -Satya Kaur
Module 2: Yoga in pregnancy -30, 31 March- Satya Kaur
Module 3: Dynamics of Labour – 27, 28 June – Nam Hari Kaur
Module 4: Postnatal Phase – 29, 30 June – Nam Hari Kaur
Module 5: Leadership and Liberation for women – 22, 23 August – Gurujot Kaur
Module 6: Raising the parents (men are welcome) – 24, 25 August – Gurujot Kaur

More information and registrations:


Copenhagen, Denmark 2020 – 2021

Module 1: Conscious Conception- 5, 6 September -Satya Kaur
Module 2: Yoga in pregnancy- 3, 4 October – Elena O´Keefe
Module 3: Dynamics of Labour- 7, 8 November -Satya Kaur
Module 4: Postnatal Phase- 5, 6 December – Elena O´Keefe
Module 5: Leadership & Liberation for women- 9, 10 January 2021 – Carolyn Cowan

More information and registrations:




Portugal, Quinta do Rajo

Denmark, Copenhagen
Hugrún Fjóla Hafsteinsdóttir

Carolyn Cowan
+ 44 7790707232

Vichar Singh

Spain (Leon/Valencia/Madrid)
Nam Hari Kaur

Hari Arti Kaur
+46 27840010

Elena Ivanova

More information:
The Mother´s Journey

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• Satya Kaur;

• Nam Hari Kaur;

• Elena O`Keeffe

• other local experts and trainers.

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Satya Kaur is a founder and director of the International Karam Kriya School, the Ashram Quinta do Rajo, The Mother’s Journey project and the Post Natal Support Network. She is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan since 1981 and teacher in the course of Kundalini Yoga teachers since 2001. She is a teacher recognized and licensed by the Kundalini Research Institute- KRI for levels I and II. Satya worked and gave a degree in Nursing between 1991 in Haringey, London.

Satya is the author of the book “Yoga, Kundalini and I”, the first written and published in Portuguese. He has recently used Mito-Drama as a means of accessing and playing with the creative potential we bring within each of us who in his opinion complements the discipline and yoga lifestyle. She also leads Red Tents. Satya is married to Shiv Charan Singh and lives in Portugal. They have 3 children and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

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Elena is an experienced Kundalini Yoga Teacher, midwife and co-founder of the Mother’s Journey.

Her connection to natural childbirth comes from her Slavic lineage of “povituha” (traditional midwife) and her own mother, also a midwife.

During her career, Elena has worked with pioneering scientists, notably in researching means of dealing with stress and improving life-style outcomes. Her work has been featured in Daily Mail, Independent and BBC Radio South.

Elena believes in gentle and safe birth surrounded by loving people; her vision is bridge the gap between spiritual and mainstream midwifery.

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Nam Hari Kaur was born in León and lives in Valencia. She has been practicing yoga since she was 25 years old and trained as a Kundalini Yoga instructor 10 years ago. Later he completed the level II training, as well as the formation of Sat Nam Rasayan, Joti Sarovar and Karam Kriya. She belongs to the Karam Kriya School and is very inspired by its founders Satya Kaur and Shiv Charan Singh.

She is the mother of Kamal Prem Singh, her greatest treasure. She shares her life with Atma Dharam Singh, and she is happy.

She graduated in Nursing and teaches in this area at the Integrated Center. He founded the Nam Association of Kundalini Yoga, Karam Kriya and Cura, based in León and with a new headquarters in Valencia.

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-the full training –

each module/workshop –

Added to this is accommodation and food.
To reserve food and accommodation contact our partner Ram Dass Guru Association at


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**The training will be in Portuguese and English.

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