Postnatal Support Training

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When a baby is born, a mother needs a lot of rest and postpartum support.
Her husband is not always available or able to provide this.
It is up to society to invest in this nucleus and this family, at a time when there is a new life to be nurtured.

A “postnatal sevadar” is committed to providing services to the new mother during the quarantine following the birth.

The training teaches the need for support and caregivers during the postpartum period, helps to profile the ideal volunteer, shares and teaches ancient and contemporary knowledge and practical techniques on the 40-day postpartum recovery period.

This training is designed for anyone interested in making a difference to future families.
Healthcare professionals, doulas, yoga teachers, grandparents, men and women who feel inspired to learn more about the techniques, would like to serve in a dedicated way and have considerable availability and flexibility.


Some of the content:

  • Why postnatal support;
  • Principles of a 40-day rest period;
  • Physiology of the postnatal mother and child;
  • Cooking and recipes;
  • Other techniques such as postnatal rituals, bed sharing, massage, swaddling the baby;
  • The postnatal service, the attitude and what kind of support.


This training covers:

  • Physiology of the puerperium.
  • Principles of breastfeeding.
  • Yogi Bhajan teachings.
  • Postpartum feeding
  • How to create harmony and joy in a family.


This training is for anyone interested in making a difference to future families, with a desire to help other women care for babies and children.

  • Healthcare professionals,
  • doulas,
  • yoga teachers,
  • grandparents,
  • men and women who feel inspired to learn more about specific techniques would like to serve in a dedicated way, and have considerable availability and flexibility.

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Next Online Training

7 evening sessions – training in English.

February 25,
March 3, 7, 17 & 24

Teacher: Satya Kaur

Duration of the live sessions: 15 hours

Investment: 395 euros

  • (includes teaching material, pedagogical accompaniment, and one year of PSN membership with the possibility of being listed in our Postnatal Doula Directory)

Registration: contact Ekaterina Beant Devi – at or call (+33) 0617320554

For more information >> click here


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Certification Process:
After participating in this 15-hour training course online, participants who wish to certify are asked to:
  •  Offer 40 hours of voluntary postnatal service (internship) with a family.
  •  The family will have to fill out a questionnaire and write a reference.
  •  The volunteer will write a report, a reflection, following this experience.
  •  Participants will follow detailed instructions by video and are expected to gain practical experience with yoni steam, massage, rebozo ritual, closing of the bones, and cooking postnatal food.
Once training is completed, participants can already create their profile on the Doula Directory on our website


This training is supported by the Postnatal Support Network[/vc_column_text][us_separator show_line=”1″][vc_row_inner][vc_column_inner width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]

Postnatal Support Network

Are you pregnant? Are you a mother and need help? Fill out the form requesting a post-partum doula;

To register as a volunteer to support a mother or family, fill out this registration form.

Send the details to the Post Natal Support Network

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Portuguese Postnatal Support Network:



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