Closing the Bones Ritual

A process of eliminating painful memories ingrained in the body by means of water, verbal expression and bitter medicine. pressure.

A process of daring to create a new reality and vision of a possible and wholistic future, by means of visualization, freedom and sweet medicine.

A process of pausing in no-man´s-land in order to rest, integrate and take stock.

A process of acknowledgement of vitality and Self by the systematic application of physical pressure and containment.


Energetic, physical and emotional closure of one phase of life in order to prepare to face the next one with a new identity


2 hours

Essential equipment:

bath tub, hot water, a change of clothes, heating


your residence,
within the Lisbon district


108 €
cost of travel at 0,36/km

Who performs the Ritual?

Satya Kaur

She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan since 1981 and has been a teacher on the Kundalini Yoga teachers' course since 2001.
É uma professora reconhecida e formada pelo Kundalini Research Institute- KRI para os níveis I e II.

Satya trabalhou e fez uma licenciatura em Enfermagem, sendo Parteira, entre 1991 em Haringey, Londres.

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