The Mother's Journey
- Formação de Professoras de Yoga Pré & Pós Natal - Online

This is focused training the preparation of women so that they have sufficient knowledge of themselves to become mothers without fearful thoughts and without perpetuating feelings of inferiority that could be passed on to the next generation.

It is aimed at all those who wish to be part of the process of transformation of consciousness that is taking place in the world in this phase of transition, supporting mothers through the techniques of Kundalini Yoga according to Yogi Bhajan and the teachings of other ancient feminist traditions. Women are encouraged and equipped to take charge of their own self-healing and leadership.

We believe that every woman should have access to these precious teachings and conquer the power of "The future is female", because that future is waiting for her.

This course is also aimed at those who want to teach yoga for pregnant and postpartum women, or lead any kind of course for women.

It is also aimed at parents who are motivated and professionals whose work is related to the pregnant woman, such as midwives and doulas.

Formation naturally challenges the current subjection of the natural birth process and develops greater autonomy and support for female intuition.

The Red Tent concept is part of the way in which we can directly experience the strength that can be achieved and provided between women.

The training includes all aspects of the preparation for the Journey, from sexuality and love relationships to the education of children and young people who want to be freer and healthier.

The modules are only for women over 18.

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Conteúdo Programático Edição 2024

Início em Setembro 2024

A series of themes covering the life cycle of women (exclusive participation for women).


Satya Kaur

Satya Kaur is the founder and director of the International School of Karam Kriya, the Quinta do Rajo Ashram, the Mother's Journey project and the Postnatal Support Network.
She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga according to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan since 1981 and has been a teacher on the Kundalini Yoga teachers' course since 2001.
She is a recognised teacher and trained by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) for levels I and II. Satya worked and did a degree in Nursing between 1991 in Haringey, London.Satya is the author of the book "Yoga, Kundalini and Me", the first book written and published in Portuguese. Recently she has been using Mito-Drama as a means of accessing and playing with the creative potential that we carry within each of us and which in her opinion complements the discipline and lifestyle of yoga. She also leads Red Tents.
Satya is married to Shiv Charan Singh and lives in Portugal. They have 3 children and 3 marvellous grandchildren.

Milagros Virasoro

Milagros Virasoro specialises in organising retreats and creativity workshops for women in Portugal and around the world. She has been teaching yoga to pregnant women since 2009 and is co-founder of the "Semente da Vida" pre- and post-natal course.

Amanjot Kaur

Alla Yeates, also known as Amanjot Kaur, is a Kundalini Yoga teacher trainer based in the UK.
For over a decade she has been empowering women from all walks of life, at different stages, through Kundalini yoga, Red Tent women's circles, Reconnective healing and Feng Shui.

Nam Hari Kaur

Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by the KRI at levels I, II and III. I am also trained in the 21 Stages of Meditation. I am a trainer of these teachings.

Trained in Sat Nam Rasayan, healing from a meditative state of expanded consciousness. I later trained in the Science of Karam Kriya Spiritual Numerology, which I teach and use in personalised consultations.

I'm a member of "The Mother's Journey" team of pre- and post-natal yoga trainers. Teacher trainer for pelvic floor care and rehabilitation. Co-author of the manual for teachers of Children's Yoga, Adolescence and Family Yoga, published by "Tus Libros Libres".

In 2010 I took part in the creation of the NGO Nam, now Esfera Ahimsa Nam Anand, taking on the role of president, which I continue to fulfil.

Corinna Devta Kaur

Corinna Devta Kaur, atualmente sediada em Portugal, conheceu o Kundalini Yoga em 1999 e ensina desde 2004. Como mãe, professora de yoga na gravidez, life coach e líder de constelações familiares, a sua paixão é apoiar e capacitar as mulheres.

Gurujot Kaur

Gurujot Kaur was born and studied Anthropology in Salta, Argentina. She has been teaching Kundalini Yoga since 2010 in Argentina and Ecuador. She specialises in pre- and post-natal Kundalini Yoga, is a doula and is currently studying Karam Kriya with Shiv Charan Singh.

She was Executive Director of the Woman of Light Foundation between 2014 and 2018.

She currently lives in Portugal and is part of the L1 Teacher Training teams at Siri Prem (Ecuador) and the Karam Kriya Latin America School (Argentina, Chile and Peru).

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What the students say

"I'm grateful for the wisdom I've acquired in such a short space of time."

Victoria, Mauritius

"Thank you for your guidance and the well-prepared informative videos you shared about this training."

Carmen, UK

"I have to say that I loved the first two modules and thought they were fantastic - the context and the delivery by all the teachers was fantastic! I'm grateful to them and their beautiful energy."

Beverly, Singapure

"As a woman and a midwife, I feel the great benefit of this training. The women I work with are more relaxed during labour and have a strong feeling that they can do it - they have a deep confidence in themselves! It's so good to see this change."

Hanna, Switzerland

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