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Get to Know Quinta do Rajo

Quinta do Rajo is a place that combines the ideals of community life, immersion in nature and recognising the primordial power of the feminine in the world – Adi Shakti. Originally inspired by the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, the founders evolved their purpose and this site is now exclusively dedicated to the work that Satya Kaur has developed throughout her teaching career.

Please explore it and identify the facets that inspire you too.
We’re trying to propose a realistic and marvellous alternative to the technocracy that is taking hold and obscuring the light of the human soul.

The programme of activities presented here is linked to the practice of yoga, meditation, sustainable agriculture, herbalism and various aspects of female empowerment.

We are partners of the Ram Dass Guru Ashram in Santa Suzana, Sintra, where our face-to-face trainings take place and which is the centre of a cohesive community and a clear spiritual reference.

For information about Karam Kriya and Shiv Charan Singh’s activities visit


E-mail: satya@quinta-do-rajo.pt

Phone: + 351 964 329 228 (call to national mobile network)